Monthly Archives: August 2015

I am so thankful for breezy weather and project outside to keep busy an d unplug from work!

I am so thankful for mowing and how much it helped Josh!


I am so thankful bad moods and anger are dissolved with God’s peace.

I am so thankful for perfect sunshiney weather and breezy cool air.

I am so thankful my mowing was helpful.

I am so thankful for Amanda Tress and an awesome group to build my business with!!!

I am SO thankful for you Lord that you raise up Josh and his views to you! reach out to him more and more!!!

I am so thankful for flexible hours to heal a headache!!

I am so thankful for lifelong friends like Kace and Kelsie! Had an awesome dinner with them and really felt the pros of being diligent about spending…. we indulged in a prosciutto place and bread!!

I am so thankful for rainy days and flexible mornings to sleep in a tad late.

I am so thankful for joshs health and that he continues to feel better!

I am so thankful for a BALANCED weekend—there was Miller time, there was Black time. THere was sleeping in (way too late) and there was an early church service and a power parking pad project. There was water but there were drinks! There was plenty of brats and corn dogs but water melon too!

Thank you God for your guidance to us financially!!

I am so thankful for the bible and KNOWING GOD and KNOWING TO TURN TO GOD (almost more importantly.) What would Josh and I be? do? how would we cope/deal/love/change/remain hopeful. Josh was irritated with work last night—frustrated and hurt. I didnt know what to do or say. I began praying for him quietly in my head and holding and rubbing him. We hugged and talked and eventually the daily scripture chapter he read earlier today came up. We read it together and fascinated around the words we saw peeling off the page. Lord God thank you for renewing us each hour with your hope and your truth!

Please lead Josh. Give him YOUR hope and YOUR love and YOUR strength!

I am thankful for free food.

for the personal relationship with Jesus to be lived out publicly!!!

I am thankful for hope in the Lord and pushers like Amanda Tress!!

so thankful for sunshine, planning vacations and joshs HARD work

SO thankful for the bright spot that is McCoy each day!!! My mom and I got to spend lots of time this weekend loving on McCoy. It was refreshing, tiring, fun and special!!!

Words we heard over Friday and Saturday
hi (plus a wave!)
mom and dad
pup-py 🙂

it was so fun coming home to my joshela saturday night too!

blonder hair + a new oblique calligraphy pen 🙂