Monthly Archives: July 2015

gosh i am so thankful for Joshs support!!!!!!! When I asked about concerns, you didnt have any. you just gave me reasons why it would be beneficial. I think you should do it! you’ve definitely made that $300 this year just in freelance projects.

I am thrilled to talk with Amanda on the phone today at 1:40!!!

God says DO NOT FEAR. DO NOT BE AFRAID. Lord God I am listening and being pulled by you!!!


I am so thankful for a spark reignited and time in the evening used so much more positively. Im energized and excited! Im thrilled and positive! Im filled with God’s love and attitude! Thank you God for leading me to Amanda Tress, for continually renewing my love for paper, color, type and calligraphy, for giving me such peace and sustenance in Your Word and Truth and, finally, for providing the most supportive best friend and cheerleader in Josh!!!!

I am so thankful for such a supportive Josh! I told him about how ive been binge watching and researching Amanda Tress’s personal development and feel pushed to create a business with the existing design and love for stationery and God’s word. Without skipping a beat, he said “You should!!!” thank you God for him!!!!

Im so thankful for the most perfect wedding for Erin.

I am so thankful for a healing finger.

I am so thankful for rest.

I am thankful that even on “cloudy” days I know the sun is ahead. I know my God is always shining. and i have Josh to support me.

i am so thankful for a reliable safe home.

I am so thankful for the joy i find in cooking.

i am so thankful for opportunities through work!

I am SO thankful for Joshs confidence and care yesterday!!!

Lord God, we know your promises are certain. THANK YOU for keeping your promises and pulling us into them… remindng t us that they matched perrectly to our events, struggles, worries and joy. looking to you…

so thankful for a long walk on a cool July night.

so thankful for a joshel that is just as excited but a little more real about Brew and a creme english gold retriever.

so thankful for God who OWNS MY HEART. he is infusing peace where I keep gravitating toward anxiousness, annoyance and prepping a fight in my head. Lord God reign over me.

I am thankful for a separate and lovely TOGETHER josh and I share.

I am thankful for inspiration recharges over lunch.

I am thankful for added trust and responsibility.