Monthly Archives: March 2015

I am so thankful for a such a sweet and thoughtful Joshel… his card last night for my 15th transplant anniversary was so heartfelt and full of love.

I am thankful for health and selflessness in Bruce. Each day has changed because of Bruce. May I reflect that love he showed me.

I am thankful God has watched over every day of my life. He loves me and cares for me. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you God for blesing me with Bruces kidney. Thank you for Bruce. Thank you for moving in his heart. Thank you.

I am so thankful for Josh…. he is funny, supportive and SO FUNNY. Last evening he was crazy with the tickling and loving… my heart is so so full!

I am so thankful for sunshine and a weekend to love on our family and celebrate together!

I am so thankful for ample time and Gods peace to help me navigate stressful hours at work. Gods with me… he has PLANNED this day… I dont need to stress!!!

Thank you Lord God for pulling us closer! SO close! you are working within us and we feel it. Thank you! Thank you for great company, fun things to look forward to, cooking (creamy chicky noody soup) and baking (Evs birthday cake!)

Thank you for giving me the peace to BREATHE this week. My attitude, PEACE and calm is a huge shift from where it started at the beginning of the week. THANK YOU.

Thank you for forgiveness and love. Thank you for bringing me to you. Thank you for calling me loudly because my life is YOURS and I want to APPLY your message. help me…help us… thank you

I am so so thankful for church-filled evenings with Josh topped by a date with him!

I am thankful I have hours and team mates to help me accomplish tasks!

I am thankful God is pulling at me constantly!

I am so thankful for Gods word. I am thankful I can escape into it.

I am so thankful for Tuesday church with Josh. I am thankful You are pulling me so tightly! thank you!

Lord my God, bless us. Thank you. keep us close and keep our chins turned to you. thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for giving us every reason to love you. Thank you.

A restorative weekend…. thank you for blessing me with family and love and forgiveness. you remind me of this forgiveness (the same power that raised him from the dead, is the power thats here with you!) and my new book about 5 women’s encounters with Jessus (the first being forgiveness “how many have condemned you?” Jesus asked. “none” the women responded. And I wont either. Get up and sin no more” thank you God for sending your son to richen and clear our sins away!!!

I am so thankful for nights by myself to shop and roam and to remind me how much I love my evenings with Josh (not that I needed reminding!)

So thankful spring is here!

Thankful for friends and great people here at work.

Oh Lord God, bless Josh and keep him in your guard. Bless him and protect him. Guide him and direct him in your love. Forgive him and love him…… show me how to love him Lord God. How can I be a better wife?? How can I listen more? deeper? with more compassion and understanding? How can I protect him? How can I build him up? How can I support him? How can I buffer for him? How can I open up? thank you for our love, Heavenly Father!!! Help me serve and love Joshel….

man am I thankful for sweet and tender Josh.

I am so thankful for something different at work.

I am thankful for my devotional that is truly inspirational!!! had a tuesday night service on worry and then come home to a accept my love… i cleanse you, i forgive you, i restore you message! I am so thankful!!!