Monthly Archives: February 2015

Lord Our God, heavenly Father who is capable of more than we can even fathom, more than we can plan or comprehend. thank you. thank you for our love and commitment. renew us each day for and with one another and you.

Bless Josh. pick him up and guide him. how are you using us? how are you wanting us to move and WORK. josh was struggling last night and I long for you to talk… to move… to guide… we are watching for you direction…. bless josh and help him. grant him peace and strengthen him


I am so thankful for my focus last night! I have been praying about that a lot and really really feel it. at work with our new desks and new challenges too. I got nearly all of Kelseys invites done last night!

Lord my God, thank you for Josh. Bles him and reward him with Your peace. How can I love him more? How can I be a better wife? How can I listen with only him and his words on my mind? How can I show him a better reflection of your? Thank you for being with us. Thank you.

I am so thankful for fun nights at Pippin with my mom.

I am so thankful for joshs age and demeanor.

I am so thankful for nights alone.

I am so thankful for Joshs dedication to and endless energy when it comes to doing projects. last night he was a machine… painting, trimming, caulking, rolling, painting, painting more, finishing, touching up, eye balling, eating, cuddling, painting, etc etc

I am thankful for forgiveness and the love from God and the blood shed by Jesus Christ

I am thankful for fun experiences like tonight! Pippin with my mom and her coworkers

I am thankful you are there with us strengthening us BEFORE it, THROUGH it, and rebuilding + offering forgiveness after it!

I am thankful for communication and scripture verses that bring us closer together.

I am thankful for great nights and building nights.

I am so thankful Josh made it home safely.

I am so thankful for sunshine and lent to draw us close to God and awaken a new spring like body of Christ followers!

I am so thankful for an evening with my parents too!

I am so thankful for the facial mask from Whole Foods. it changes my skin and works like nothing else does.

I am so thankful Josh is having a good trip.

I am so thankful for the lenten season.

so thankful for a day of rest.

SO very thankful for the sweetest note “to Chad” from Josh while Im gone… “She requires water, extra sunshine and cuddles. Protect her because she’s my angel and my love. Ill be holding you soon!!!” oh gosh.

I am so thankful for health and a time to pause, repent and give Glory to God!

I am so thankful for a lovely Valentines Day weekend…… so many celebrations…..

pizza at OP with Bob & Martha, Jamie and Ev.
plenty of Alaska shows throughout the day and evening!
slept late Saturday
Valley Junction and Iowa game at GMigs.
church and breakfast sandwiches!
mopped and josh hung our awesome new HAND hooks!!!
visited rich and randi while watching the Iowa game
showered and got spiffied up for Bar Louie dinner and more Alaska shows!