I am so so so thankful for a home that is SO warm and loving. Josh fills it up so tightly.

I am so thankful for Joshs commitment to eating what we have in our pantry…. we save money and it feels SOOOO good to clear things out and spend what we have. No need to want want want want!!

I am so thankful for God’s holy spirit working in and around us each and every day.

I am so thankful for sweet things Josh says and I keep rehearsing in my head…

Me, Sat evening reeeeally craving Thai. We had leftovers in the frig and things in the pantry. Josh had a great idea to make our own casserole with leftover soup. I was just sour—and I acknowledged it. Instead of getting frustrated, short and quiet with me (which I would have done!!!!) he was cute and excited about the food! He was helpful and sweet jazzing up the entire experience. He is the best.

Me, Sun Dec 14 morning: “Im so excited to frost those cookies!”
Josh: “Im so excited to frost your face!!…with kisses.” awwww!!

After discussing going to MN for Christmas, Josh showered and then came up to bed. “Im sorry for being difficult about travelling. I’ll get better. Its Christmas and your family wants to get together and we will.”

Texts “I love Christmas! and you.” and “Am I home to you yet??!!?!”


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