I am so darn thankful for Josh. Last night he finished the bathroom. He is the sweetest most thoughtful man. After a tough argument about time spent together and communication we had a great time in Homemakers getting our bedroom furniture.

Two funny moments from last night:

I suprised Josh with long undershirts last night that we’ve been looking for for a while. I gave him a clue that sometimes I call him this…. When I showed him the tshirts, he asked me, “You call me tshirt?!!!” lol I died laughing. I call him cotton a lot or comment on how I love him in cotton!

Secondly, he was losing at Fantasy Football and was upset watching the game. He walked into the kitchen while I was prepping tator tot casserole. He let out a little cough cough and then whimpered and whined loudly. it was hilarious!!!!


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