Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thank you Lord God for safe arrivals, a warm house and a garage to protect from the snow!

YAYAYYY tonight we head to Johnston and NEVADA! for an evening in Nevada followed by a Thanksgiving meal. I cannot wait!!!!


Thank you so much, Lord God, for the funny spunky passionate love of Josh.

Thank you so much for watching over our weeks and days and caring for us, protecting us and loving us. The grace you offer us inspires us.

Thank you for giving us families we feel so near to. Bless our time with them this week Lord God!

THANK YOU FOR OUR FREEDOM, good food and close loved ones!

I am so so thankful for lazy mornings especially when I can hear Joshel snoring away….

I am so thankful for a short week ahead!

I am so thankful for a sweet, forgiving, communicative Josh who breaks the silence I grudgingly hold onto.

I am so thankful for safety… financially and physically.

I am so thankful for family that is close.

thank you Lord God for the love of cooking.

Thank you for answering my prayers and ALWAYS exceeding my wants and needs…. you KNOW exactly what I need for the best of me. Thank you. Variety this week and sun. couldnt have been more blessed.

Thank you for a joyful fun week ahead to look forward to!! Thanksgiving and McCoy’s birthday!!!!

I am so thankful for healing teeth and no infections.

I am thankful for a God that renews us each morning! This morning was unique. Josh and I were BOTH SICK AND TIRED of the morning, the cold, crappy nights of sleep and it not being Friday. We laid together. We talked about needing God and the holy spirit this morning. We got up eventually and Josh went to shower and read his bible like he does every morning. He came upstairs and kind of laughed. As he sat down he mentioned that he had asked I need something this morning and as he opened ephesians up, he definitely got it. “Do this without complaining or disputing.” Gulp. We are blessed together, warm and with jobs…. Lord God help us see what you are working and planning in our lives!!!!

I am thankful for fun shoots that are coming together really nicely.

I am so thankful for financial freedom and budgeting. I pray for guidanceĀ to adhere.

I am so thankful for Joshel and looking forward to the future!

I am so thankful for a God that “will give thee the desires of thy heart” according to Psalm 37… praying for healthy baby and healthy husband.

I am so thankful for blessings that come in ways of work and dinners and wonderful freedom and creativity. I am so blessed.

I am thankful for non infection wisdom teeth.

I am thankful for heating pads

I am thankful for my best murse.

I am thankful for his shopping strategy with mashed potatoes

I am thankful for pain relievers.

I am thankful naps while the sun goes does.

I am thankful for the food network.

I am thankful for a garage for both of our cars.

I am thankful for the south-facing road.

I am thankful for health and modern medicine.

I am thankful for salt rinses and ice packs.

I am so thankful for Homegoods. Cheesy but true.

I am so thankful for a fun career. PLEASE Lord God open my eyes to the appreciation for it that I need and should have! I am so blessed. Thank you!!! and Im sorry for not focusing on it when I should.

I am thankful for your positivity and your forgivness Lord God!!!!

I am so thankful Josh talents are my weaknesses.

I love finding things (a tie this time!) he will just love.

I am thankful for a brighter outlook this morninig and my first shower in my new bathroom!!!

I am so thankful for a garage to park my car in.

I am so thankful for extra time on a project.. God was pulling strings for me.

I am so thankful for other people’s happiness that I clearly need today!