I am so so so thankful for a reprieve from work and leaving at 4:40. it was sunny, beautiful and postive.

God is really working and showing up tangibly in my nights alone (Josh is travelling). About 3 weeks ago I prayed haaard for a change in hard for me. Instead of feeling lost, bored, tied to the clock, lazy, tired…. I prayed for God to shake up and instill a drive in me. To appreciate the time I was given, not be slothlike and moooove. I felt it come about last night. I drove straight to HyVee and got my flu shot (probably the earliest Ive ever gotten it! and completely inspired by Josh who is always on top of things), got a Fuel Saver card and between both of our shots, we have 40 cents off gas now!, put a load of laundry in, polished off the apple crisp, unloaded the dishwasher, and got the garbage out. Then I went for a very long walk soaking up every sun ray I could. It was glorious and renewing. Thank you God for your sun… its how I feel you most. Thank you!!!! Then I switched laundry and headed fora  little shopping. I didnt buy a single thing and was home to have soup and string cheese before heading upstairs to finish laundry and get ready for bed. It was a lovely night and I am so thankful for it.  I am also so thankful for a safe neighborhood and city to live in!!!


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