Monthly Archives: October 2014

I am thankful for awesome sister in laws.

I am thankful for tears that celebrate Josh and my love.

I am thankful for excedrin migraine that works.

I am so thankful for a weeklong trip that completely dissolved. I will be home with josh instead and I couldnt be more thrilled!!!


I am so thankful for a girls from high school that we can still get together with and bond, have fun and share a lot of similar feelings and emotions.

I am thankful for calm weather while I am home alone.

I am thankful for health. I am trusting in the Lord!!!! and His promises!!

Thank you thank you thank you. We discussed savings and our budget heavily Saturday night over a bonfire…. we had just had meatballs and potatoes…. we were happy and are so in love and talked about our tithing, Josh gives so much I was in awe! We talked about budgeting and me finishing off my car soon, a possible new dresser and nightstands, and envelopes for savings. He even reminded me again last night to make the envelopes. THANK YOU heavenly father for blessing us so unconditionally! Help us save and use YOUR money in ways you want!!!

I am SO thankful and forever in debt to our Lord who has blessed me with a person to miss so badly while he is away. Josh is a blessing and makes me strive each day to be better, bolder, more on top of things and kinder. Thank you, Love and Thank you Lord!

I am thankful for a wonderful dinner and shopping with my mom especially as a distraction as Josh left for 6 nights to farm at home!

I am thankful for my health. Period. it is such a blessing!!!

Thank you Lord God for continuing to transforming my nights to be productive, fun and future-forward!!!! I cleaned and was stopped by moments of gratitude when I was overwhelmed with my life currently. A home filled with love, a safe and healthy relationship and town.

I am thankful for God who was definitely tugging at my heart to not spend money last night. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am thankful for an incredible husband who is smart, common sensical, loving, sweet, hard-working, so dedicated and God Fearing. The happiest birthday to him!!!!!!!

I am so so thankful for financial priority to get my haircut last night and a fun night talking about Dave Ramsey with Ellie!

I am thankful for a safe home and flexible schedule because I definitely didn’t want to get up early!

I am thankful for a birthday weekend to look forward to celebrating and cuddling Joshela!!!

I am so thankful for the tightest squishiest hug from Joshel this morning.

I am thankful that we are a team.

I am thankful that our time alone bring us together even tighter!!!!

I am so thankful for beautiful sunny walks across the interstate and back home.

I am thankful for the first calm day in which I got to leave early and join Joshers at home! We cleaned up the bathroom (hes done tiling!!!), cleaned the garage out, made supper (leftovers from crocktoberfest), showered early, and cuddled.

I am so thankful for a job I really enjoy and love coming to each day.

Thank you Lord God for th emost beautiful fall weather, bleary sunlight and time to walk walk walk. Thank you for an inexpensive and available hobby.

I am thankful for Josh and his hobbies… I am so thankful fo his financial responsibility too. He is such a blessing!!!!

I am thankful you are always with us. Your message in church yesterday was that you are always with us. You are always in our boat. Always with us. You protect us from the storms and when we question where you are and if you’re leaving us you tell us Silence. be still! Have we no faith?? I think of all of the things youve done for me… for us.. the things you’ve provided us, protected us from, watched over us for, planned for us, set aside for us… THANK YOU!!!!!

I am thankful for Dave Ramsey and his biblical teachings… they are changing out life!!

I am so thankful for thai food with Joshel and his love for any food!

I am so thankful for dedication to food!

I am so thankful tfor the opportunity to show off our home to Mona and Grandma!!!! We are so so blessed!