I am so thankful for Gods glory and forgiveness. His blessings are bigger than anything I’ve known!

Last night Josh walked into the master bathroom as we were working on tile and I was finishing work changes. All he said was, “we’re so blessed.” we spent the next couple minutes talking abo ut all of the blessings God is showering with us! Its incredible. Wealth and PLENTY, health, one another, happiness, in so many ways….. we were blessed with Joshs dad gifting me $40!!! to Jimmy Johns for a simple bag of chocolate potato chips. We were blessed by my parents wanting to help us with the tiling. We were blessed with extra money to get to update our master bedroom. We were blessed with friends and health to join in a wedding Saturday night. We were blessed with a refrigerator and pantry FULL of food to enjoy, savor and CHOOSE from. We are so blessed. We are equally gracious and thankful!! Josh and I are committed to reflecting Gods love, patience, forgiveness, and glory!!!


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