Monthly Archives: September 2014

I am thankful for peaceful naps when I cant stay awake.

I am thnkful fo weeks off to not think about Redwave.

I am thankful for the funniest and loviest Joshel.

I am thankful for visits to play with and snuggle McCoy to sleep.

I am thankful for Joshel who filled up my gas tank today! wow.


I am thankful for a husband that sites God as the peace provider in an utter crappy day.

I am thankful for learning opportunities like the AFib discussion I got to attend with Josh.

I am thankful for my dad taking care of my mom. They are blessed to have one another and I am blessed to have them!!

I am SO thankful for joshs safety!

I am so thankful for his snuggles and hugs and laughter that truly transforms my mood!

I am thankful for his thoughtfulness. I had explained to him that I found a candle I love but didnt buy it because I could put that money toward my student loans. On our way to the grocery store, he took a detour and ended at TJ Maxx. He exclaimed that we had to get the candle! how sweet xoxoxo

I am thankful for rainy nights.

I am thankful for a positive light of Josh coming home this evening.

I am thankful for great bosses and Connie fighting for time off.

I am thankful for a new total of $1400!!!! WOOOOO!!!

I am thankful for my fuzzy robe.

I am thankful for the most adorable nephew McCoy.

I am thankful for Joshs love and the patience we find with one another… its needed

I am thankful for beautiful weather and a fun morning watch Ev in his first soccer game.

I am so thankful for McCoy—he lights up my life!!! At almost 10 months, hes really crawling, smiles at everything and loves to be held and cuddled and tot around. He brings me joy like Ive never felt!!!!

I am thankful for an awesome jaker and sara! a fun night at a surprise party for jaker!

I am thankful for a brilliant sun (almost blinding!!!) as I was driving home tonight.

I am thankful for a job that I relaly enjoy.

I am thankful for health and migraines that held off until after Phantom of the Opera.

I am thankful for a silly Joshel. And a baker! He made cookies last night.

I am so thankful for awesome helpful coworkers!

i am thankful for the  most summer-fall weather this past week or two… it renews my soul!!!!

I am thankful for a Josh who takes walks with me and loves one me!

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness in acknowledging and embracing the life we are blessed to live. The safety, the open hours in the evenings to spend with one another, the financial guidance to prioritize paying loans and the blessings of more income each month. Lord God THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am thankful for a calm cozy night with Josh.

I am thankful for the best lovey to cuddle with and laugh with, sing and be goofy with.

I am thankful for financial freedom. 

I am thankful for forgiveness. Hope in the Lord God.