Monthly Archives: August 2014

I am so dang thankful for Josh and his awesomeness tha the adds to each week night!

Thank you for our relationship, our food on the table and our safety. We look to You Lord God!!!!


I am so thankful for the environement here at Sundog. The Christian leadership and common sense style Ben brings to the table, positive reviews, fun opportunities and safe location.

I am thankful for Josh to come back safely! We spent most of Monday apart (he was in Kansas City for a meeting), I met up with girls Tuesday night and he was in omaha last night. It will be great to spend the evening together eating BLTs and snuggling!

I am thankful for a long weekend (its labor day) and knowing we really made my dad happy when we golfed last weekend. THAT makes my heart warm!!!

I am thankful for great friends and Mexican food!

I am thankful for a safe drive and a husband who has worn off on me to stop speeding. THe peace during drives is wonderful.

i am so thankful that our future is up to God. our future family is up to God. We pray to you for guidance Lord God

I am thankful for snookies dates.

I am thankful for conversation where we dive deeper and learn more about one another. We discussed goals (and are we goal-oriented?!) at Tallys. babies, family, priorities, our faith… thank you Lord God for being here every day.

I am thankful for my family-in-law.

thank you for chemistry and fun attitudes that keep josh and i so close!!!

thank you for awesome ideas for dinner to use up so many food items youve given us!

thank you for our health and my increased focus at work and at home! i can TELL and SEE you are holding my hand guiding me!

its been two weeks — or two nights — since realizing, acknowledging and reaching out to God about my free nights while Josh is away. I felt stuck. stuck by boredom/lost/lonely/excited/free/clock staring/immobility….. I prayed hard and with laser focus. It finally hit me. I felt like I was behind a wall and I was the only person that saw/put the wall there. I prayed God would give me the freedom and care for a night by myself, a gracious heart that would focus on the positives of free nights and the room to miss Joshel. I prayed for Gods guidance and for him to take over my mind and heart on those evenings so I wouldnt just be overcoming this hill but I would be realigning with God and spending my time the way he called me to do! 

He answered. So plainly. Thank you Lord!!!! I didnt waste any time going home (which was always a time suck for me) and went straight to the mall. I found just what I needed and didnt feel guilty for wasting my entire night wasting and then getting home late. I took my makeup off right away and did a mask. I did a little laundry but not all of it because it simply doesnt need to be done! I enjoyed BB in real time instead of wasting time and always saving it for later… why do i always save for later to savor? I can savor for longer in real time AND enjoy texting with joshel about the updates. Thank you God for being so plain lately. You guide me and I need to watch for it!!! Thank you! I love you!!!

Im also thankful for this new concealer I bought. Its awesome.

Thankful for our powerful and soverign Lord God that can stop and protect the people of Israel! Oh Lord we cry to you… open our eyes and hearts to the gruesome events in the middle east and Africa!!!!

I am thankful for evenings with Josh watching movies… we’ve watched two movies back to back and cuddled the whole way through!

I am thankful for Josh. He is thoughtful and considerate. Got home from work yesterday and dinner was waiting on the table! cue the cuddles.

I am thankful for a great relaxing evening watching a movie with Joshel!

I am thankful for his sweetness and thoughtfulness… he brought a neck massager/heater home for me!!

I am thankful for quirky coincidences that ended up with Josh and I RIGHT BY one another last night on 50th! All my brown equinox license plate reading has paid off 😉

I am thankful for an awesome griller and hard worker in josh… i prepped dinner while he mowed. There is nothing better than going outside and seeing him working hard for OUR HOME. Oh and we matched in kelly green tees yesterday. thats awesome.

Josh and I also excitedly discussed travelling. In the past couple weeks, we’ve been discussing when to get carpet. We had decided to push our roof until 2015….. and tentatively decided to do interest-free carpet maybe this fall?! then I got to thinking about travelling and if we want to start trying for a baby, maybe we need to prioritize travelling. We discussed that that will be doable with carpet in the fall and a trip next summer because Im 4 pay checks away from being done with my loans!!!!!! BAH!!!! and we can easily save for months until then. I am thrilled to be thinking and searching aer lingus! Josh thinks Ireland and Scotland but also trusts that if I want to go back to Italy, it must be good!! Lord God, will you please guide our thinking and plans!!!!??