I am thankful for a great family I was gifted when I married Josh. We celebrated Jills birthday yesterday at The OP and it was so darn fun. Just what every Monday should be!

I am thankful for Josh’s initiative to read the bible that has totally worn off on me. Thank you God for pushing, pulling, playing with us!! You are wearing using one another to wear of on the other… I am so thankful!! We are blessed with the marriage with you! (we mastered this as I read Acts 25 this morning and Josh came upstairs after reading his … Lucas—Luke wrote Acts)

I am thankful for cool weather (high of 70s) to keep the windows open and the air cool while we sleep.

I am SO THANKFUL for You, Lord, Josh opened up to his mom and I last night at the OP that in the last couple days he has really tried to pray out loud and he has noticed a huge shift in his anxiousness and attitude. God rewards us for praying and WANTS us to pray to him and be in constant communion with him. Its funny to think that WE are the only ones NOT in constant communion…. He is here, pulling, sending the spirit, etc to us and is guiding us at all times but WE must open the door, invite him in, stay long enough to talk to him and hear what He has to say.


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