Monthly Archives: July 2014

I am thankful for a brisk walk with Kelsie and Krystal followed by awesome 50% off sushi.

I am thankful for Gods direction in resisting temptation to buy anything when  I could have bought all the things!!!! at TJ Maxx. Adorable unique greeting cards, a white or black globe, cute flats aaaand popcorn and cleaner! Almost forgot the cleaner!


I am thankful for evenings with joshel!!! after monday without him and wednesday without him, I am so thankful for a Tuesday to be close to him.

I am thankful for this perfect weather we are having!!!! We watered the grasses last night and did a loop around the lawn to look for stones that had jumped the pavers. I love our home.

I loved looking through our wedding pictures together and picking out our favorites for family and friends. Josh is the best and God blessed me with him.

I am thankful for the most pleasant weather.

I am thankful for open windows and a safe neighborhood.

I am thankful for a prayer so blatantly answered last night and help from the Lord. I feel lost like Im constantly battling the clock and simultaneously, laziness when Josh isnt home. I prayed to God. I opened up. He knows it. He sees it. He created me that way. A weakness as an entry point to let him take over. I immediately felt driven to clean both bathrooms—a task that nags at me all week and I feel guilty about not doing all weekend. FIgure that one out. Now its done, I enjoyed it, I watched the Bachelorette during it and Im thrilled for Josh to come home to a clean bathroom. Thank you God for being there for me…. always.

I am thankful for my mom, my dad and little man McCoy.

I am thankful for his brightness, his cuddles, his warmth, his smile and the blessing that he is to me and my family. Thank you God for blessing us with McCoy!!! He is eating baby food, holds his own bottles, loves bathtime, sings loudly and most definitely says dadadada, babababa, and mamama. So darn cute and fun to see him roll everywhere he needs to be, smile, get shy or coy and JUMP like crazy in his jumparoo.

I am  thankful for a Sanofi car. What a blessing.

I am so thankful Krystal came over last night. It was spontaneous, it was short but longer than I thought (it was during a friends boards exam) and it was exactly what I needed. God knows. Thank you God for blessing me like you do!!!

I am thankful for green beans in cans. Good dinner, right there!

I am thankful for my coworkers and job.

I am thankful for sunshine and forgiveness.

I am thankful for lazy mornings with Joshel albeit a Tuesday morning.

I am thankful for a boss that trusts and views me as I feel inside…. level-headed and not cliquey. Thats a true blessing in the professional field.

I am thankful for a normal week and a fun McCoy-filled weekend to look forward to!!!

I am thankful for days off.

I am thankful for clean curly hair.

I am thankful for Ottos Place and the freedom Grant and Julia (Dent) Grant fought for and represent!!!!!

I am thnkful for a guy that I cant imagine being any more fun, alike and yet different, entertaining but not annoying, giving, patient, understanding and wonderful to be with for a day of moseying through a city. It was fun to hear him respond to whether or not he needed any help in a store with, “my wife is shopping…Im mostly looking”

I am thankful that God gives me money to borrow and blesses me with awesome deals like 60% JCrew outlet! hello camo pants and $4 tees in grass green and orchid 🙂

I am thankful that Josh is in tune and searches to understand why I feel quiet or off… I dont want the Chicago trip to feel like a downer or for him to feel unappreciated or unwanted. I LOVE having him there and wouldnt want to go if he wasnt my trip buddy.

I am thankful for great patios and shuffleboard.

I am thankful for freedom and nearing the end of my student loans!!!!! $3990 left!!!!

I am thankful for a great day shooting … things went smooth!! Shaw, Crawford, Kane, Toews and dinner with my favorite guy Joshel!!! We went to Sepia (stinky cheese plate and blackberry-thyme lemonade and 2 beers) and then Mindys Hot Chocolate. We split silky mac & cheese then did desserts. Milk and cookies (chocolate chip cookie dish filled with ganache, cookie crumbles and ice milk) while I had mint hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow.

Thankful for a long walk and a husband that wants to walk back to the hotel to cut a cab ride short. He got mistaken for Brad Richards this year 🙂 so cute

A long day working through the opening cermony paid off. Patrick Sharp, and other newbies as well as Coach Q.

I am thankful for this awesome opportunity!!!

I am thankful for Millers Pub and a walk with my Joshela 🙂

I am thankful for a trip to Yolk after dreaming about it for so long!!! 2 by 2 by 2 for Josh and french toast and bacon for me!