I am thankful for a laazy Sunday morning. and for the blanket josh put on me as I napped a headache away and the candle he lit to relax me.

I am thankful for the Spirit channel that  absolutely soothes our nerves and ignites our hope in our Lord God! That has been a huge change in our marriage, days, relationship.

I am thankful for a HANDY husband. He rocks!!!! He fixed the fan, vacuumed, modified the shower door, EDGED OUR TREES aaaand then mowed!!!!

I am thankful for a midset that is shifting about buying certain things while dining… although I have this mindset (id rather buy something at a store or have more food for groceries than buy drinks (other than water) but wasnt going to push that on Josh. hes a big boy and genuinely likes the flavor of beer with food. He makes a lot of money. Its his choice. I can still uphold that with me. But it is donning on him now, too, that one beer is good. Enjoy it and then stop. It saves a lot of money!


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