Monthly Archives: June 2014

I am thankful for a reliable car.

I am thankful for a busy day with a fun project. Mittera prezi is keepin me busy!

I am thankful when I have a FLEX check to cash 🙂 only $4390 left on my student loans!!


I am thankful for a laazy Sunday morning. and for the blanket josh put on me as I napped a headache away and the candle he lit to relax me.

I am thankful for the Spirit channel that  absolutely soothes our nerves and ignites our hope in our Lord God! That has been a huge change in our marriage, days, relationship.

I am thankful for a HANDY husband. He rocks!!!! He fixed the fan, vacuumed, modified the shower door, EDGED OUR TREES aaaand then mowed!!!!

I am thankful for a midset that is shifting about buying certain things while dining… although I have this mindset (id rather buy something at a store or have more food for groceries than buy drinks (other than water) but wasnt going to push that on Josh. hes a big boy and genuinely likes the flavor of beer with food. He makes a lot of money. Its his choice. I can still uphold that with me. But it is donning on him now, too, that one beer is good. Enjoy it and then stop. It saves a lot of money!

I am so thankful Jake Sara and McCoy stayed with us this weekend! I am SOO thankful for a brother and sister in law that I am close with and FRIENDS with!!

Thankful for the farmers market 🙂

Thankful for husband that pushes projects into time slots that I wouldnt. We got pavers quickly today and finished in the rain!

I am thankful for Denny & Joey! pork carnitas and alice & fletch are the bomb!

I am thankful for McCoy. A night babysitting him was incredible. We prayed for a baby… Lord, I pray now, for a healthy lovey baby. Please watch over us. Please bless us. Please forgive us. We wait in your hope and under your wing. We’ll enjoy the blessings HERE AND NOW. our love, mccoy, evan, our families, our freedom, our wealth, our health. thank you!!!

I am so thankful for this extra time spent with my mom in the last couple weeks…. she is the best and I truly value her as a best friend!

I am thankful for the confidence I have in knowing God is with my Joshel as he travels and works away from hom. He is keeping him safe and loved and filled with his peace and guidance. I am so so grateful. I picture him clothed in God, covered by God and arriving with that unknown/indescribable peace.

I am soooo thankful we get to babysit McCoy this evening! Wow how can such a little body bring so much happiness and anticipation!!

I am so thankful for Josh. Yesterday, he smothered me in sweetness even though it was a crappy day back to work for him since home study + testing in NJ + long weekend. I had been up the night before sick with a migraine and he grabbed me a bucket and washcloth. so sweet. I got this text after I sent him a text that Id be praying for him and God was with him as he started with these new clients:

U are so beautiful…And so right. I love u B. THANK U. Get some reset if u need it! I’ll be praying for u too 😉

How sweet is that?? Then as I was going to Trader Joes for milk and bread, I got this text…

Sweet! Im gonna takeover the garage so I can vac my car..I can do yours when u get home too:)

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with him! Help me to love him as best I can and as You know he needs to be loved!

i am thankful for a husband that jumps out of bed for a bucket and wash cloth when I have a migraine. who leaves sweet notes and who prays for me. i am so blessed by him

I am thankful for a body clock that goes off promptly at 6:30 without setting an alarm.

I am thankful for a Joshel to cuddle with.

I am thankful for a husband that is so passionate, productive and FUN. He is mastering brick pavers today, getting our shower door and painting the rest of the master bedroom today. on his day off!

I am thankful for mornings to sleep in.

I am thankful for an unusual day—icubs game rained out so we did Texas Roadhouse & orange leaf instead. Then Civil Twilight and a bonfire!

I am thankful for a husband who, as we are stoking the fire, asks what was one thing I’d change about the last 9-10 weeks of marriage? Intriguing question and I appreciate his attention to our commitment and my feelings.

I am thankful for slow dances with Josh and Bryan & Janet’s wedding.

I am thankful for a hot and sweaty morning taking care of the yard. We are blessed with a lawn, yard and home.