Monthly Archives: May 2014

I am so thankful for a night with joshers (i LOVE going home to him!!!) and a night seeing my parents after I pick them up from the airport. I am so very blessed!


I am thankful for Christian music, a God loving and God fearing HUSBAND (still odd to say!), and God’s peace. I feel so peaceful and non stressed because I know God is in control.

thank you for my health.

thank you for the sweetest joshela.

i love him so. thank you for his sweet hugs, squeezes, hugs from the back, appreciation after a meal, hard work….. I am so blessed!!!!

Lord God, THANK YOU for you supporting me so obviously when I have committed to something that YOU have nudged me to. Josh and I┬áhave been talking about our finances and my debts and I am committed to blasting this debt out SOON! I discovered today that I paid $7,420 over the last 12 months. I got a raise a couple months ago…Josh paid off the rest of the couch…God matched me with a fiscally responsible person aaaand im going to be DONE with these!! Today it was reaffirmed because we were surprised with pizza lunch at work. God affirms our decisions that are aligned with his calling. Thank you Lord God.