Monthly Archives: April 2014

I am so very thankful that not only do Joshel and I have one option for healthcare but two. Marriage has so many perks.

I am so very thankful fora  wonderful lunch with Kelsey, exciting marriage chatter (on her behalf!!) and awesome thai food. Veggie delight with chicken, one star. is the way to go : )


I am thankful for new opportunities for my Joshela!!! God is good!!!! We are celebrating with an early dinner at Centro 🙂

Thankful for a safe week for Joshers and to see him tonight!!!!!

so thankful for the sweet comments + texts + emails + prayers. Lord God, help me enjoy every second todya, tomorrow as we prepare and this weekend!!!!!!!! Let us honor and reflect you in our love, our wedding and our lives together! Please bring and send people safely to our wedding and be with us during our honeymoon.

Thank you for forgiving my sins.

I owe my life, my happiness and my hope to you. I promise to reflect your love to the world!

I am thankful for texts from so many—Eric emailed, Jennie texted last night and this morning Kellie, Krystal, Sara, Martha and Jamie texted that its our wedding week! I am in disbelief but trying very hard to intentionally soak it in and relish in this lovely time!

I am still looking for a hair clip, have tanned 3 times now, picked up candles for our ceremony and will work on last minute gathering tonight like vases at work, suitcase at work and putting together 3 remaining arrangements. Josh took care of taking my rings in, submitting our last $100 and CD to Heather at Hope today. Team work!

Especially looking forward to glancing into the chapel for the first time to see JOSHHHHHHHH ohhhh i hope i can see through my tears!!!!!

Final walk thru is today!!! lots of fun things to do and God opened up my afternoon to allow me some flexibility:

work on Nike
tan in Ankeny
meet coworkers at Wig & Pen for brainstorm
stop at Joshs to pick up things for the walk-thru
2 Final walk thru
Whole Foods to drop of ribbon and frames
Order hair clip

then Joshers and I are headed to Fighting Burrito and the Energy game!

I am thankful for extra focus this week. Focus on both the wedding and work. Had an awesome haircut yesterday and headed to Joshs. We dominated picture sorting, framing, our March calendar dinner bacon and eggs with hefeweisen. I am so thankful for the time we spend together preparing and joking prior to the wedding…..

Last night Josh commented that it’ll be nice how to carry my bag inside. YES INDEED… I cant wait to come home to Josh… a closet full of clothes, my things out, a nightstand, a few of my favorites in the frig. so so so thankful!!!

I am thankful for the helpfulness of my mom and dad, the things they are buying and providing (dad went shopping for the meeting room) and Joshs family.

I have looooved this process…. and instead of being sad to see it go, Im focusing on the wonderful blessings that are in store by living with Josh and building a life together.