perfect march 14th

Josh and I had a LOVELY sunday!!!!!

Slept soundly until (way too) late. Woke up and got to work right away on a beautiful warm day. While we prepped quiche (sweet peppers, smoked cheddar and green onions) we CLEANED like crazy! dusted surfaces, vacuumed rugs and hand scrubbed the front floor with a perfect blend of 3 squirts dish soap + 1/3 cup vinegar +warm water. Worked like a charm! Worked on trading out lights in my closet, fans downstairs, wedding things like guest book, tags, place cards, and washing/putting away gifts from the MN shower (Jennies bowls, Jake and Sara’s bread tray, Janet’s roaster). Late afternoon we headed out to Bed Bath & Beyond and found better mixing bowls and a sweet cutting board for the basement, Target for random things and Trader Joes for wine. We also stopped for Samurai for take-out sushi!! what a perfectly springy way to celebrate 14 years of health!!! So blessed by God’s gift through Bruce. We snacked and then finished up a few things (lights for josh and thank you notes for me). perfect day and made me even more excited for a life with joshers xo

was fun talking with bruce…. he asked about whether or not we could have children and how he hadnt tasked before because it wasnt relevant. he said its just the best thing and he wouldnt trade it for anything. he was so chatty and loved the drill!! so fun. we ended with a notion of celebrating more on the 12th!!!! hoping his heifer and cow calve soon!


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