Ohhhmygoodness….. the generosity is just incredible. Both people’s time and money!!!! I am beyond blessed.

Friday night: picked up Papa Muprhy’s pepperoni pizza over lunch and took it up to Johnston to watch the ISU game. Josh and I were in a disagreement so it wasnt the most lively night but ended well.

Saturday: Mom Dad and I left early for MN. Stopped at Burgies for a Hazelnut cafe au lait and raspberry pastry, Harley Davidson and McDonalds and then made it to Grams around noon. We put away groceries, helped her prep potatoes, dumplings and sauer kraut and headed off to church at 5pm. Afterward, Jake Sara and McCoy and Wotschkes joined us for dinner. Lots of fun and wonderful to spend some slow time with them. Later that night Jennie and I went to Bunny’s to pick up cupcakes. We learned she will be joining us at the wedding!

Sunday: woke up early and started the day with a banana and coffee. I showered and heard Joshs voice downstairs. He asked me if I had time to run out to his car for a quick second and as we got out there, my rings were waiting for me!!! sooooo great to have them back AND show them off!!! My mom loves them and Grandma and Sara do too 🙂 Dad had helped Shelly move tables and Josh had met them at the Community Center. Jake, Sara and McCoy arrive and we had a big breakfast—ham, egg potato casserole, rolls and cinnamon rolls and coffee. sooooo delicious. Two favorite meals in such a short time frame!! We watched a few games, cuddled McCoy and then changed and headed to the Community Center a bit after 1pm. It was just so awesome… surreal…. seeing so many walk in. Palucks, Schmidts, so wonderful and overwhelming. I am incredibly grateful to have such a gift from God in Josh. We greeted everyone and then Dad, Jake and Josh headed out. I am so so so blessed.


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