josh. fiance.

HOW did I get so lucky? Lord God, you are drowning me in blessings!! THANK YOU.

As I sat with Josh, hand in hand at some points, my palm on his warm thigh…. in Pastor Pat’s office last night I was flooded with warmth, love and the squeeze of blessings. Wow. WOW. Thank you for placing a man that knows how to LOVE ME and thank you for blessing me with his kindness, words of admiration and love and care…. he was describing what it was/is about me that made him know I was the one he wanted to marry and why I still make his heart race…. WHOA. tears. it was beautiful. Its beautiful to hear how you brought us together and how You knew my sweetness would come out because of the love I have for him. I love him. I want the best for him and for us and want to reflect the love that you’ve shown us. Please forgive me of my sings and cleanse me. Wash them away, You make us new. Lord God, for that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL.


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