thankful for a sweet sweet man. last night my mom said Josh is not like other guys. God has blessed me so.

thankful for rainy days, cool breeze and ABOVE FREEZING temps. my car was “washed” by the rain.

thankful for evenings full of crafting. i wrote on the placecards last night and will continue crafting tonight. xo

thankful for money to be flowing in because I’ve aligned with where God wants to use my money. Josh is a wonderful help/motivator for that too. talking about me really drilling away at my loans but also helping with the utilities bill each month in addition to groceries. id like some ownership in the house and think water/heat will be a good way to do that.

thankful for a love between my mom and i. last night we chatted quickly about how it will be adjusting to living with one another. it was sparked by our conversation about what josh and i did sunday_put away things from the shower. it was a wonderful day and all organizing, dishes and putting away.


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