God is our hope and we call on him earnestly in prayer!

this. this. I am thankful for the redeeming mornings and hope we have in the Lord!!!

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written by nhershoes:


•A Song of Ascents• [Psalm 130]|| From the depths of sorrow it is our privilege to call upon the Lord, in those depths of sorrow it is ok for us to ask for his help. Often he brings us into these “depths” that we may be led to call upon him, always when we are brought there, we should call upon the name of The Lord! Have I cried unto thee, O Lord – Or rather, “do I now invoke thee,” or call earnestly upon thee. The language does not refer so much to the past as the present. We now should cry for his mercy, And implore his blessing. The condition is that of one who is in deep sorrow, or under deep conviction for sin, pleads earnestly that God would have compassion on him. This Psalm give us GREAT hope when we are in our deepest sadness, God is our HOPE and he forgives us and has great compassion on us as he did for Israel. ->Jesus Christ is the great Ransom; he is ever an Advocate for us, and through him we obtain forgiveness with The Lord. #psalm130


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