dress is done!

Oh my goodness Deb’s alterations to my dress were perfect!! I had picked it up last Wednesday and mom and I went to meet with her THursday afternoon. We had shot the Smile 4 cover (grilling with Kevin armstrong from marion) and all day I had been on edge a little. Not surprisingly, I had a tension headache at the end of the day. Mom drove my fusion to Deb and Mikes and I even had to sit down during the fitting. Felt yawny-burpy. Not goody. The only change Deb was afraid of making was the front hemline. She thought she would have to move everything and it would be a lot of hand work.

We left thinking about it and considering whether my mom would do it or we would take it to Bridal Boutique. Then Friday during the day I got a call from Deb and she was at Hobby Lobby shopping and thought of a solution that would only be $10! She was going to trifold a piece of tulle in the front just enough to push up the front so I would gain a half inch or so.

She worked all weekend and I tried it on last night (monday) and it was PERFECT! It lifts just enough to fix it and she didn’t have to cut it apart. She fixed the shoulder, satin sheath on my left chest, my tail from the buttons and added the bustles.

ITS PERFECT. I just love it and its so comfortable. I also love that I dont have to spend a lot of money or undergarments. I am using sticky filets and a pair of boy shorts I’ve had previously. yay!


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