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perfect march 14th

Josh and I had a LOVELY sunday!!!!!

Slept soundly until (way too) late. Woke up and got to work right away on a beautiful warm day. While we prepped quiche (sweet peppers, smoked cheddar and green onions) we CLEANED like crazy! dusted surfaces, vacuumed rugs and hand scrubbed the front floor with a perfect blend of 3 squirts dish soap + 1/3 cup vinegar +warm water. Worked like a charm! Worked on trading out lights in my closet, fans downstairs, wedding things like guest book, tags, place cards, and washing/putting away gifts from the MN shower (Jennies bowls, Jake and Sara’s bread tray, Janet’s roaster). Late afternoon we headed out to Bed Bath & Beyond and found better mixing bowls and a sweet cutting board for the basement, Target for random things and Trader Joes for wine. We also stopped for Samurai for take-out sushi!! what a perfectly springy way to celebrate 14 years of health!!! So blessed by God’s gift through Bruce. We snacked and then finished up a few things (lights for josh and thank you notes for me). perfect day and made me even more excited for a life with joshers xo

was fun talking with bruce…. he asked about whether or not we could have children and how he hadnt tasked before because it wasnt relevant. he said its just the best thing and he wouldnt trade it for anything. he was so chatty and loved the drill!! so fun. we ended with a notion of celebrating more on the 12th!!!! hoping his heifer and cow calve soon!


holy spirit

I am thankful for Fridays and that beautiful nudging that God pulls with at our hearts. I feel it so strongly and in so many ways….. work especially. Ive been thinking a lot about Floral and Whole Foods…. is God calling me to change careers? Im so thankful for those nudges, pauses, prayers that I receive. The Holy Spirit is so at work in our lives!!!!!! Thank you Lord God and send that Holy Spirit to change our landscape, my mind frame, my HEART, our relationship, my days and health…. thank you for Lord God.


Thankful for fun projects, slow weeks and wedding planning. lord God thank you for letting us have so much fun with planning and wonderful anticipation. The blessings you have showered on us are incredible!!!! THANK YOU!


16 days!

I am so thankful for the moves and shimmies and flirting and feeling the beat last night at Martin Sexton.

I am so thankful for great wine, amazing cheese & charcuterie and a great Fiance to enjoy them with.

We are so blessed with this Nike project!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord God for aligning this to come our way and the recognition and opportunities it gives Lawrence and even bigger opportunities and VARIETY it gives Sheena. Thank you for arranging things in my schedule so I can work on it. Looking to you for inspiration!

Ohhhmygoodness….. the generosity is just incredible. Both people’s time and money!!!! I am beyond blessed.

Friday night: picked up Papa Muprhy’s pepperoni pizza over lunch and took it up to Johnston to watch the ISU game. Josh and I were in a disagreement so it wasnt the most lively night but ended well.

Saturday: Mom Dad and I left early for MN. Stopped at Burgies for a Hazelnut cafe au lait and raspberry pastry, Harley Davidson and McDonalds and then made it to Grams around noon. We put away groceries, helped her prep potatoes, dumplings and sauer kraut and headed off to church at 5pm. Afterward, Jake Sara and McCoy and Wotschkes joined us for dinner. Lots of fun and wonderful to spend some slow time with them. Later that night Jennie and I went to Bunny’s to pick up cupcakes. We learned she will be joining us at the wedding!

Sunday: woke up early and started the day with a banana and coffee. I showered and heard Joshs voice downstairs. He asked me if I had time to run out to his car for a quick second and as we got out there, my rings were waiting for me!!! sooooo great to have them back AND show them off!!! My mom loves them and Grandma and Sara do too 🙂 Dad had helped Shelly move tables and Josh had met them at the Community Center. Jake, Sara and McCoy arrive and we had a big breakfast—ham, egg potato casserole, rolls and cinnamon rolls and coffee. sooooo delicious. Two favorite meals in such a short time frame!! We watched a few games, cuddled McCoy and then changed and headed to the Community Center a bit after 1pm. It was just so awesome… surreal…. seeing so many walk in. Palucks, Schmidts, so wonderful and overwhelming. I am incredibly grateful to have such a gift from God in Josh. We greeted everyone and then Dad, Jake and Josh headed out. I am so so so blessed.

Lord God, thank you for my interest in health and my easy ride with fitness, staying in shape, staying healthy, and being attracted to healthful items. I cant imagine the struggle some go through…….. as I was feeling crappy last night I realized I need to make more of an attempt to eat healthful things that keep my feeling well and able to be my best at any time!!!! Thank you for sending joshel to care for me and love me. Be with us this weekend as we travel and spend time with family in Minnesota.

Lord God, thank you for the sunshine and hope you provide us with!!! You worked in Joshs heart to guide him to join us this weekend in MN for the bridal shower which could not make my heart happier and honor my parents and our family. Thank you. It is not what we do but prayers you hear and the holy spirit you send. This morning I ordered flowers and Lisa was a joy to work with. You are showering down your blessings…. thank you thank you thank you!!

Trust in the Lord Our God, Redeemer!!!

I am thankful for Your love, Oh Lord!!! Your renewing power, your forgiveness of sin, your promise to clean us of our sin and move forward, your hope in the future, your redeeming qualities. I will celebrate THOSE. I belong to THE LIGHT. Lord God, thank you!!!!

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” – Psalm 20:7

on days like these… a tad darker because Im in my head too much and feeling the constrains of two important people in my life, I am ever more thankful of your love, your answers, your forgiveness, and your direction. I am listening. I am eager to hear your answers…………………