valentines weekend

what a fantastic weekend!!!

valentines day was friday… came home to joshers bein all cute. he hadnt looked in the frig yet so i showed him his “will you BEER my valentine” 6 pack and he drank up. we baked pigs in blankets that we hadnt eaten for the superbowl and opened gifts while we cooked. ohhhh his card. “on a knee, your soon-to-be-husband. WHOA.” He got me honey by Marc Jacobs (smells so clean and not too sweet or old-lady-like) along with THE PROPOSAL typed out, designed and FRAMED. how thoughtful and sweet!!! Its above the stairs and its one of those things that now its there, that spotted NEEDED it! Its perfect. What a blessing Josh is. Thank you, Lord God!! I got him movie gift cards with a quote of Philipians 2 (taking interest of others over your own) because I used to say I dont like movies but if Josh wants to go to them, I will and i’ll love being alongside him! In a season of our lives that we are feeling bad about doing extra things, this was the perfect gift so we have 3 nights of tickets for us. We headed to Front Row with Denny and Joey to watch Mike and Jason. It was a lot of fun to give them their wedding invite! Fun night afterward…..!

Saturday night, Josh headed out early for Skywalk Golf and I went to Nevada to play with McCoy. Gosh was he cuddly!! He slept on my side/stomach for 2 and a half hours!! I rushed home to change quickly and head out to an undisclosed place for dinner. Barattas it was and WHOA was it amazing!!!! We started with calamari (amazingly large and amazing piping hot breading, great La George pinot noir, bread, salads with creamy garlic dressing and then pasta! Spinach and cheese tortellini with amazing chunky veggie marinara sauce for me and chicken carbonara canelloni for Joshers.) we took our time and enjoyed every single bite. It was perfect and we left feeling completely satisfied and not full. We headed back across town wanting a movie. While we were at Redbox we grabbed a mcflurry and a shamrock shake and Captain Phillips. It was a perfect night…. Josh lit a fire and the candle and we cuddled in and were in bed by 10:30 so we could head to church the next morning.

Church and back to Joshs to make quiche, blueberry muffins, and bacon! WOO! We did some little things around the house  ( i prepped our last wedding invites and josh gathered his taxes) and then headed out for errands. josephs (i bought joshs rings for $405 and they took mine to get sized and the euro shank right), mailing invites, getting cider, going to home depot and lowes for lights for my closet and a new fan for the bedroom or our bedroom. it was so fun! its just easy with josh and productive and kind and perfect. we had left hy-vee but had forgotten the cider so he rushed back and in came back out with a rose!!! a black rose!!! and an avocado and lime juice because I had wanted them but made a comment that there are some things that I just need to wait for now. so so so sweet. we made soup when we got back to his place and spent the rest of the evening online looking at honeymoons and the registry. we added lots of great things after not really touching it for the past month/since we did it. we ended the night with popcorn (from the whirley pop!) and breakfast club. Lord God, thank you for Joshela. THANK YOU.


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