Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination

Josh is the best travel partner…. MAN Am I excited to be his team mate and travel buddy!!!!

3 years tomorrow….

I remember wondering how he was single. not being familiar with 50th street or mi mexico. i remember sitting down before he had the chance to stand. i remember being scared of alcohol because of my accutaine. i remember going to his place. i remember being impressed by his home. i remember not being sure when we’d hang out and Id check my phone a few too many times. I remember going to Energy games, getting a hug from the back at martin sextons show at the state fair, I remember cuddling on the couch nearly every night, i remember making enchiladas at our townhouse (during a tornado warning!), i remember being on our deck, i remember being on his deck, i remember walking to 80-35 from our place, i remember going to the farmers market and bein so thankful the couple times he’d come along with me and now (2 summers later he is the one who wants to go or goes with his sisters) I remember playing chess and scrabble and puzzles, i remember grilling….. I cant wait to travel with joshers


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