a safe drive + fill up my tank

I am so thankful for a safe drive in (18 cars in the ditch!!!! and my gas tank was clicking down from 49 miles down to 19miles left on my tank) and the non stress of having to fill up with gas and BEING ABLE TO fill up with gas without considering my bank account. Thank you, Lord God, for supplying my channel with funds with predictability. I’ve really noticed in the last couple months, after much prayer, that I feel an extra burst of gratitude and dedication when cracking my eyes open the first time in the morning. I was beginning to feel slightly depressed and low… always searching and scheming for a reason to sleep a little longer….. get to work late…. and I prayed about it.

God provided.
like always.

God highlighted Josh who is dedicated, hard working and always. ALWAYS. goes the extra mile. I am to model that and be the same inspiration for him. We are a team and will officially be a team in 2 months (from today) and I need to him to KNOW in his core that I am reliable and it comes down to things as simple as getting up for work every morning.

God also provided a jolt of gratitude and excitement. I am blessed to be able to have a job to go to. I am blessed to have coworkers I enjoy being around. I am blessed to be safe and warm while I work. I am blessed for variety and flexibility. I am blessed with flexible lunches. I am blessed to have a fair compensation that allows me to live freely and pay off debt. God blesses me so! Thank you, Lord God.


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