Saturday – Pre-marriage class

Unlike most Saturdays, Josh and I woke up around 8am to be at class by 9am. Starbucks pitstop (and a breakfast pizza craving) before arriving at class and taking our seats. We spent time sharing answers to our homework the night prior (I teared up. a lot. after hearing what josh remembers being impressed with after meeting me (a genuine sweetness and knew we’d remain good friends) and the first time he remembers really wanting to tell me he loved me and the faith section of our workbook (he asked how my kidney transplant impacted my faith (i answered that God’s timing is perfect. trust in it) We also listened to Dr. Cloud on building a safe and hearty sexual relationship, reviewed our Prepare & Enrich score (we were both surprised Josh was somewhat connected and surprised that I scored so lowly on being Pleasing in the relationship), had lunch while answering questions about our wedding day (that I just remembered we haven’t shared with one another yet!). Ended the day with discussing likes/needs/wants from men and women. Pride ripples out of me as I look across the room and see my attractive, respectful, clean-cut, and confident Joshers. He is so attractive and humble it makes me melt. After that, Pastor Pat wrapped up with abstaining, treating the promise with such sacredness and specialness because it is a gift unlike ANYTHING ELSE. Protect and safe guard your love. He pushed us to consider moving out or not sleeping together to renew and focus on the promise we are about to embark on. I will be staying at home a little more—no extra nights at Joshs— as we only have 9 weeks to go!

Class was so worthwhile (got a devotion and a crazy book.) and we ended the day with more fun! Headed to his parents for a little bit then to Penelopie for my first blow out! The volume! the curls! the gorgeous interior! gah! and then met at Outback Steakhouse with my parents. After eating steaks and talking about how emotional Josh will get (swoon), we headed back to his place and ended up moving the organ downstairs. Ufdah! I snagged Joshs Trader Joe’s brochure and cuddled up on the loveseat downstairs. As I was drifting off, Josh spooned me. Life is good.


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