10 weeks to go — Superbowl weekend

“U should stay tonight”

Oh Joshers…. Its really hitting me lately how much of our norm is going to change. Josh is used to many nights alone, separate, independent from family, from me, from any plans. And I am used to doing my own thing, with my own money, eating weird meals, packing and planning in 2-4 day spurts. I am so very excited to plan for longer stretches, really settle in OUR home. Its surreal. There were a couple ocmments this weekend that caught me—made me savor—made blink in and memorize my surroundings, the excitement that surges through me—to look through the tears in my eyes and not blink them away….. our lives are changing. our love is changing and becoming bigger, all encompassing… He will be my team mate and have my back and I will reciprocate that.

“this will all be yours!!” from josh when eric thanked me for all the shots and I deferred to joshers and his bar.

“you’re the best hostess” as I was getting things out before guests came for the superbowl.

“you have to have my back and i have yours” after the night was over and we were wrapping up.



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