First Friday night at Joshs alone

Tonight is an usual night (day really) in that I Josh and I are having a tasting at 10:30 am then have a work potluck and then Im heading to Joshs to work on envelopes, print return addresses, cut tissue paper, glitter chalkboard frames…. but Josh wont be there!! He is leaving today at 4pm for Algona to watch the twins’ basketball game. He’ll be coming home tomorrow night but its weird taht hes not in town and Ill be staying at his house… not yet mine… and waking up to just me….. this is the first. It’ll feel empty, but its also so comforting. He trusts me in his space, we are building a space together and he gets to come home to me! 🙂 Very wonderful.

Mom and I worked on the centerpieces more last night and have 18 completed ones. I laid them out again and organized. We finished the night with 18 completed ones. They look so romantic, woodland and quaint. Just love it.


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