Paper + stamps and a summer realization

Mom and I went through paper…. looked at stamps…. and reviewed our invite suite last night.

It makes me so very happy when they ask about Josh, us, our house, etc. Last night she was joking around that ‘once Im marrrrried we’ll be so busyyy and never see each other” it was very cute. We had gotten our bands ordered the day prior and I had had my engagement ring cleaned. I am trying to wash my hands without it more often so I gave it to her while I went to wash my hands. She exclaimed “This could certainly blind someone! Its shooting colors everywhere!! I really really like it”…. 🙂

Had a thought how this summer (and for every summer here on OUT!!! WHAT) for all of the Farmers Markets we will be married and I will not be in Des Moines for just the weekend. this is just crazy. It will be so wonderful and I’ll be extra thankful for all of the outfits that are there, full showers, my own plans and not feeling extra careful as to take special care of how much Im spending at Joshs to be sure he doesn’t think Im taking advantage of the situation Ive been blessed with, I’ll be buying food for us and for the week (no more transporting food/veggies back and forth, back and forth). I am so so so excited and blessed. Thank you Lord God for filling me up with things, people, love, sunshine, blessings of exactly what my heart desires.


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