monday the 20th

Yesterday… a Monday, wedding shoe shopping (between leopard Nine West pumps and Chinese Laundry white and black rocker heels), met mom and dad for dads suit fitting, tried on my wedding dress (fits soooo well! hardly anything to do to it—a couple buttons that create a tail spike at my butt, little off the front hem so i can wear lower heels, and a little gapping in the back. My dad and mom were both smiling and grinning “beautiful”!) my mom mentioned a couple times about altar floral arrangements (so wonderful to be hearing church comments in a positive supportive manner. I am so thankful and joyfilled). Made it Josh’s and made soup (leek, potato, sweet pepper and andouille sausage with asparagus (free from work!) on the side. we both really liked it!) He had  made a trip to lowes for drywall (he’s removed the ironing board wall mount and is patching the large cavity) so I came upstairs with my  floral planner (after talking to my mom about flowers because I have an appt at Whole Foods @12:30) and josh and I talked and watched a basketball game while lounging on the bed. Josh then brought me graham crackers and milk and my ipad and we looked at honeymoons….. God has blessed me so with this man. Thank you. Thank you. I am so so very excited to go home to Joshers every night.


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