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First Friday night at Joshs alone

Tonight is an usual night (day really) in that I Josh and I are having a tasting at 10:30 am then have a work potluck and then Im heading to Joshs to work on envelopes, print return addresses, cut tissue paper, glitter chalkboard frames…. but Josh wont be there!! He is leaving today at 4pm for Algona to watch the twins’ basketball game. He’ll be coming home tomorrow night but its weird taht hes not in town and Ill be staying at his house… not yet mine… and waking up to just me….. this is the first. It’ll feel empty, but its also so comforting. He trusts me in his space, we are building a space together and he gets to come home to me! 🙂 Very wonderful.

Mom and I worked on the centerpieces more last night and have 18 completed ones. I laid them out again and organized. We finished the night with 18 completed ones. They look so romantic, woodland and quaint. Just love it.


Paper + stamps and a summer realization

Mom and I went through paper…. looked at stamps…. and reviewed our invite suite last night.

It makes me so very happy when they ask about Josh, us, our house, etc. Last night she was joking around that ‘once Im marrrrried we’ll be so busyyy and never see each other” it was very cute. We had gotten our bands ordered the day prior and I had had my engagement ring cleaned. I am trying to wash my hands without it more often so I gave it to her while I went to wash my hands. She exclaimed “This could certainly blind someone! Its shooting colors everywhere!! I really really like it”…. 🙂

Had a thought how this summer (and for every summer here on OUT!!! WHAT) for all of the Farmers Markets we will be married and I will not be in Des Moines for just the weekend. this is just crazy. It will be so wonderful and I’ll be extra thankful for all of the outfits that are there, full showers, my own plans and not feeling extra careful as to take special care of how much Im spending at Joshs to be sure he doesn’t think Im taking advantage of the situation Ive been blessed with, I’ll be buying food for us and for the week (no more transporting food/veggies back and forth, back and forth). I am so so so excited and blessed. Thank you Lord God for filling me up with things, people, love, sunshine, blessings of exactly what my heart desires.

dinners with friends

thankful for krystal kace and kelsie for always asking to do dinner. they are much better at it than I and I always enjoy the laughs, catching up, time spent with them! we went to Olive Garden yesterday. I shopped at TJMaxx first and got a box with a wooden pattern on it and a green-grey-eige snakeskin tray!

Class assessment

Josh and I took our assessment last night separately in preparation for our pre-marital class on Feb 7th.

A few things stuck out: the recreation question (it seemed to be very specific and hit a nerve in me. I crave to be more active alone and with Josh.) Creatively solving differences or problems. I guess I can’t think of many problems we have so its continuing to communicate clearly and thoroughly…..

Josh made a comment about the affection component of the assessment. That sometimes its nice to be able to be the first one to offer affection. He doesn’t have to be as affectionate or as often as I do because I always beat him to it. Perhaps I need to be a little slower to show and he will step in and fill those gaps.

I am very eager to be in the class and discuss this tool.

boutonnieres and centerpieces

What a great weekend! My mom and I spent some time all afternoon g+ evening Saturday creating boutonnieres, shopping at Coes, Everts and Hobby Lobby. She also made Taco soup and apple crisp. we are also grabbing random numbers to be on the tables


I am so very thankful for the ease, love and excitement that has surrounded the wedding this past couple weeks… fittings/suit and dress, centerpieces and shopping, mom has gone to Coes and Hobby Lobby for vases, orbs and balls…. so many fun things. THere is definitely an excitement and willingness that wasnt there before. I am so thankful we can all enjoy, savor and celebrate together. Lord God, remind us of your peace, fuze into our lives and bring us together. It is your one mission we are after.


Last night I left work at 4:30 and headed to Hobby Lobby for some fuuuun! I had found out earlier in the day that Whole Foods can ensure anemones and the yearlong. With a new found zest in my step to GET ON THIS STUFF i perused through the aisles quickly and found exact things I had been dreaming of and visualizing (moss, burlap table numbers painted on table covers, terra cotta, gold, warm, romantic garden like)….

Made it home, had leftovers and started crafting centerpieces!!! EEEEEeeeeps soooo very fun. 2 poppies and pussy willows so gorgeous…..!!!!


Last night mom and i counted through all of the vases we have (17 + tall slender ones) for centerpieces. We were thinking half twigs and half floral to cut down on price but after looking at the shape/size of the vases we don’t think that will work…

thought of terra cotta
mercury glass

monday the 20th

Yesterday… a Monday, wedding shoe shopping (between leopard Nine West pumps and Chinese Laundry white and black rocker heels), met mom and dad for dads suit fitting, tried on my wedding dress (fits soooo well! hardly anything to do to it—a couple buttons that create a tail spike at my butt, little off the front hem so i can wear lower heels, and a little gapping in the back. My dad and mom were both smiling and grinning “beautiful”!) my mom mentioned a couple times about altar floral arrangements (so wonderful to be hearing church comments in a positive supportive manner. I am so thankful and joyfilled). Made it Josh’s and made soup (leek, potato, sweet pepper and andouille sausage with asparagus (free from work!) on the side. we both really liked it!) He had  made a trip to lowes for drywall (he’s removed the ironing board wall mount and is patching the large cavity) so I came upstairs with my  floral planner (after talking to my mom about flowers because I have an appt at Whole Foods @12:30) and josh and I talked and watched a basketball game while lounging on the bed. Josh then brought me graham crackers and milk and my ipad and we looked at honeymoons….. God has blessed me so with this man. Thank you. Thank you. I am so so very excited to go home to Joshers every night.

yesterday was definitely a pinch-me-moment. after cuddling (best warmest tightest laziest snugs) we showered, had toast (delivered upstairs by joshers)… we relaxed and i ran to Dillards (wedding shoes), Trader Joes and Target we headed to Marthas for pizza and the games. The night revolved around Molly and wedding chatter. Talk about the showers, food to be served, I walked down to hear Josh and the guys talking about getting a gift that will be something ‘she has forever…like pearls”, honeymoon, kerri asked about important dates, Randi brought up the awesome closet josh painted for me!!!! so so sweet and sharp looking. its like a room. it was so very fun and I am so very blessed. as we were leaving plenty of ppl said we’re so excited that you’re marrying her. good choice. and jamie was adament about leaving a lot of it up to her jill and sara 🙂