Black Family Christmas Eve 2013

The water pipe was frozen in the kitchen but that didn’t stop us from having friend eggs & spinach on toasted bagels with bacon crumbles. YUM. I made peppermint paddles and peppermint hot chocolate while we waited and showered. We headed to Johnston at 1pm and lounged and ate (swedish meatballs and yummo veg green bean casserole!!) until church. What a busy busy day for Lutheran church of Hope! Its just incredible how many people God is calling there. We made our way back to Rich and Randi’s and Ev handed out each gift by sounding out the name and asking Jamie who it was for. He opened all of his gifts and then it was our turn. SO many awesome bold pieces— a white fluted pie plate!!!, a terrarium that looks SO great int he sunroom, a beatiful gold mercury glass vase for the fireplace and other fun digital measuring glass, ramekins with chalkboard, message center, and a great metal frame from Jamie. It was a fun full evening….. we lounged and had pumpkin soup that Jill and Justin had made and Josh and Rich finished with 3 games for pool. We are so very blessed.


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