Merry Christmas | Josh & Bridget

Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL. Thank you, Lord God, for blessing God endlessly. I was home after work around 5:15 and was greeted with warmth of Christmas music, candles and lights galore (even candles in his bedroom!), the pot of soup on and crackers, cheese, guac and chip out. The table was set with Chrsitmas plates and the cider was heating…. it was perfect. We couldn’t decide how or where we wanted to start as we didnt want it to be over…..

we assembled some of the food (green onions) and then started into a game of Sequence. We played 2-3 before starting any stocking stuffers. Josh was also patiently waiting for a gift to arrive for me. It arrived right before 7pm! whew! We opened 1-2 gifts, played another game, got cider or ate…. slowly but surely we got through all of the wonderful gifts (there were sooooo many!!!! sooo fun!!!) along with making bars, ninjabread cookies (total fail) and watching the game. We also watched the Grinch and cuddled. It was perfection.

A garage door opener (second to last gift) made me tear up, an incredibly unique map of Modern Rome, ramekins, olive wood ladle and little wooden bowl for my rings(!!!!!), avocado slicer and tomato slicer, awesome Comfort Food cookbook from Williams + Sonoma, a beautiful coral blanket, a couple vases that match other larger vases, an awesome metal ‘g’ with the bubble bottom, starbucks thermos’ (that match!!!!), a bookmark, metal XO (that is the perfect font and weight and material!!!)…. sooo many awesome gifts. Thank you for his thoughtfulness, warmth, and love….

I got him Eddie Bauer zip up hoodie, UA white shirt, blue quarter zip, UA stocking hat, UA sweats, beer & food calendar, monogrammed muddler, bouncy ball, walkie talkie, mortar and pistil, squeegee, vintage beer and an American IPA and 2 tickets to his choice of show (I even mocked up tickets that have the name slots change depending on the date and whether or not I’ll be Bridget Miller or Bridget Black :)…. Merriest of Merrys!


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