relaxing night at Joshers

Josh and I had an usual night last night…..

made a boxed dinner (rarely happens but we wanted to use it up!)
both showered before 9pm on a Monday (love showering before bed and Josh had cut his hair!)
I read in bed from 7pm onward and Josh cuddled in watching the Lions vs. Ravens game (Need to finish Plain Truth!)
and was in bed for good by 9:30 (i asked Josh is a silly little kid voice/my own voice! can you scratch my back please? we giggled for 10 minutes afterward..)

Lord God, thank you for Josh. Thank you for a the life we are building together focused on simplicity, You, and our love. This morning as I was leaving (and packing up to be in Nevada until Friday) he said to me “aww you’re leaving your new home for 3 whole days… thats sad.” I am so excited to live together and cuddle every night away. Lord, help us focus on the good things, the right things and extend patience love and respect to one another in all ways we can. We’ll need your strength and your understanding to do this….. but we know, with you at the center of our marriage, we will succeed.


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