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Day after Christmas. Count your blessings.

Joshers and I have very similar tastes in both furniture in style but also in tidiness and organization. After sleeping WAY too late (11:45!!) and meeting with Heather at Hope @ 1pm, we returned and shopped a tad and spent the rest of the day organizing, decorating, moving, putting away, washing dishes and testing out the keurig. IT WAS PERFECT. We pitched sooo much and have quite the pile for goodwill. Simplify. Pair down. We don’t need STUFF. We ended with putting a new shelf above the microwave for pots and pans, lots of wedding budget talk and hanging the Chicago print…. God is so good.


Miller Christmas 2013

We got up early to head to Nevada! Cheese and meat in tow… we took coffees in our new hammered copper thermos’ and made egg bake and rolls once we were there. Jake sent a sweet picture of McCoy in his carseat that said “going to grandmas house!” that made us all swoon 🙂 They arrived soon after and we cuddled M and chatted until brunch was ready. After eating a LOT of egg bake (whoa. soooo good with hashbrowns) we made the trek downstairs to start stocking stuffers. McCoy cuddled and kept everyone warm…

nailpolish, a square mercury glass vase, spatula and hand cream, a beautiful white fur blanket and  LE CRUSET DUTCH OVEN in beautiful dusty mint…. its just beautiful. We were also blessed with a keurig, ipad case, gloves…. Josh with tools, slippers and a universal mitor saw stand. THANK YOU God for blessing us with family and love….

Black Family Christmas Eve 2013

The water pipe was frozen in the kitchen but that didn’t stop us from having friend eggs & spinach on toasted bagels with bacon crumbles. YUM. I made peppermint paddles and peppermint hot chocolate while we waited and showered. We headed to Johnston at 1pm and lounged and ate (swedish meatballs and yummo veg green bean casserole!!) until church. What a busy busy day for Lutheran church of Hope! Its just incredible how many people God is calling there. We made our way back to Rich and Randi’s and Ev handed out each gift by sounding out the name and asking Jamie who it was for. He opened all of his gifts and then it was our turn. SO many awesome bold pieces— a white fluted pie plate!!!, a terrarium that looks SO great int he sunroom, a beatiful gold mercury glass vase for the fireplace and other fun digital measuring glass, ramekins with chalkboard, message center, and a great metal frame from Jamie. It was a fun full evening….. we lounged and had pumpkin soup that Jill and Justin had made and Josh and Rich finished with 3 games for pool. We are so very blessed.

Merry Christmas | Josh & Bridget

Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL. Thank you, Lord God, for blessing God endlessly. I was home after work around 5:15 and was greeted with warmth of Christmas music, candles and lights galore (even candles in his bedroom!), the pot of soup on and crackers, cheese, guac and chip out. The table was set with Chrsitmas plates and the cider was heating…. it was perfect. We couldn’t decide how or where we wanted to start as we didnt want it to be over…..

we assembled some of the food (green onions) and then started into a game of Sequence. We played 2-3 before starting any stocking stuffers. Josh was also patiently waiting for a gift to arrive for me. It arrived right before 7pm! whew! We opened 1-2 gifts, played another game, got cider or ate…. slowly but surely we got through all of the wonderful gifts (there were sooooo many!!!! sooo fun!!!) along with making bars, ninjabread cookies (total fail) and watching the game. We also watched the Grinch and cuddled. It was perfection.

A garage door opener (second to last gift) made me tear up, an incredibly unique map of Modern Rome, ramekins, olive wood ladle and little wooden bowl for my rings(!!!!!), avocado slicer and tomato slicer, awesome Comfort Food cookbook from Williams + Sonoma, a beautiful coral blanket, a couple vases that match other larger vases, an awesome metal ‘g’ with the bubble bottom, starbucks thermos’ (that match!!!!), a bookmark, metal XO (that is the perfect font and weight and material!!!)…. sooo many awesome gifts. Thank you for his thoughtfulness, warmth, and love….

I got him Eddie Bauer zip up hoodie, UA white shirt, blue quarter zip, UA stocking hat, UA sweats, beer & food calendar, monogrammed muddler, bouncy ball, walkie talkie, mortar and pistil, squeegee, vintage beer and an American IPA and 2 tickets to his choice of show (I even mocked up tickets that have the name slots change depending on the date and whether or not I’ll be Bridget Miller or Bridget Black :)…. Merriest of Merrys!

a perfectly lazy Sunday

it snowed so josh and i stayed inside for the better part of the day. I made creamy potato soup (with bacon and bacon grease!), took a quick nap as josh and i cuddled on the couch, switched most of the recipes we had onto cute recipe cards, went to the grocery store with joshers (so fun!) and came home for chow mein, cribbage (not as fun as we remembered last year), battleship, mulled wine cider and watched the end of the Grinch and Faith Hill’s Christmas


cuddles with McCoy… when I walked in he was on the couch in his woombie just taking it in. abby and dan visited and announced their pregnancy, I fed and burped and cuddled him …. and dinner (risotto and tilapia) with Josh!

Wild Game

wild game with josh (rich, eric, jill and justin). josh is cuddly, flirty, wants to sit by me, makes eye contact, tickles, keeps me close, supports me. I am so blessed.

little things

Today I am thankful for the little things. the Scheels gift basket on my desk, having Mom at home before I left because it made me smile, the helpful fiance, the stressors that are removed from work….

its so wonderful. life is so good. I am so blessed.


Im so glad I can help clean and vacuum for my mom. It has to be hard on her shoulders and it makes me feel good.

relaxing night at Joshers

Josh and I had an usual night last night…..

made a boxed dinner (rarely happens but we wanted to use it up!)
both showered before 9pm on a Monday (love showering before bed and Josh had cut his hair!)
I read in bed from 7pm onward and Josh cuddled in watching the Lions vs. Ravens game (Need to finish Plain Truth!)
and was in bed for good by 9:30 (i asked Josh is a silly little kid voice/my own voice! can you scratch my back please? we giggled for 10 minutes afterward..)

Lord God, thank you for Josh. Thank you for a the life we are building together focused on simplicity, You, and our love. This morning as I was leaving (and packing up to be in Nevada until Friday) he said to me “aww you’re leaving your new home for 3 whole days… thats sad.” I am so excited to live together and cuddle every night away. Lord, help us focus on the good things, the right things and extend patience love and respect to one another in all ways we can. We’ll need your strength and your understanding to do this….. but we know, with you at the center of our marriage, we will succeed.