Monthly Archives: November 2013

McCoy!!! A happy healthy baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so thankful for productive nights, an excited mom and a warm cup of coffee waiting for me as I go out the door. I will always cherish the memories and time that Ive had with my parents at home from July-April…. I am so blessed

on the edge of all things wonderful

I am so so thankful for so many things in my life… .what an incredible time waiting for this little baby…… he will be induced Saturday if he hasnt made an appearance yet….. our engagement with fun cards and planning and dreaming…. the exciting thoughts of moving in together… i am bringing my christmas decorations to Joshs tomorrow (wednesday before thanksgiving) so we can begin decorating……… God, thank you. Thank you for blessing me. Thank you for helping me focus on those blessings, on the positive, on the wonderful ways you’re working in our lives!!!!

wedding dress

I am thankful for my mom and dad and the experience of finding and buying my dress! its just beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see joshers when he sees me in it! We also went to Amy and AJs weddings this weekend and the guys had dark grey and light grey! How ironic! Cant wait to see Joshers… mmm mmm mmm

last night he wanted to wear my ring…thats the best seeing him hold it and admire it.

he hugged me and i said you can do that again!!! so he back up and excitedly  ran at me again and hugged me! 🙂 so funny

I am thankful for a warm warm house to stay in even though joshers was out of town, a safe drive in, hot tea, yummy dinner, a Friday fun shoot morning and an awesome Saturday full of dress shopping and Amys wedding ahead! Thank you God for blessing me so!!

BG + wedding dress shopping

I am thankful for opportunities like Blond Genius and moments of confidence and beauty like wedding dress shopping by myself. How very surreal…. so very blessed.

helpful parents

I am so thankful for helpful parents who are being so generous as we celebrate with this wedding!!

go getter fiance

I am so thankful for fun mornings and a go getter of a fiance! Josh and I went to Lowes at 7:45am to pick out paint! He is supportive, protective and positive. God has blessed me so!!!

scraped windows

I am so thankful for a Joshers that is involved and excited (he wanted to fill out the packet for Hope all night last night!) and who surprises me with scraped windows in the morning. what a sweetheart. I am so blessed.

wedding buzz with my mom

Last night was so perfect… mom and I buzzed with excitement about Jake and Saras baby, about the engagement, she wore my ring, we gushed over how fun and blessed we are at this time, how just 2 years ago we were talking about Jakes wedding. So fun! what should mom wear? should we walk together as three down the aisle?

so far…. venues are gramercy, embassy club west and still gathering more information. no ushers, doughnuts instead of cake and 4:30 at Hope!