Joshers 36th birthday!

Joshers is 36!! We had a wonderful evening celebrating!!!

Starting off by setting up the hammered vase on his hearth and attempting to set up the lamp. NO GO. shoot. One of the connections was stripped. Oh well, good try. Afterward, he opened his gifts. He thought there were way too many!!! Buuut it was the perfect little KIT for him. Started off with a card —of course!— about his humility, sarcasm and color he brings to so many memories and how incredible he is. Then moved to a JUMBO bag of gummy bears. Learned that his Grandma Richard Black that loves to cuddle aaand loves gummy bears. Always had a bowl of bears! Then sphere ice cube molds, 2 copper mugs!!, vodka, ginger beer, a lime and stirrers. We hit up Bistro Montage and had a WONDERFUL prixe fixe dinner. Started with  Smoke and Choke and pinot noir cocktails at the bar and then carrot and cauliflower soups, risotto (with strings…haha sooo amazing!!), short rib and salmon (the crispy crust was out of this world!! and chocolate torte/creme brulee. In addition, we topped it off with 4 oz. glasses of their pinot noirs. It was delicious. It was cozy. It was perfect. Mentioned hitting up Saints or Star bar afterward for a drink and he was all for it. Walked in and Denny, Jill and Jamie were a-waiting 🙂 Perfect end to a fun fun night!! Happy 36th Birthday Joshers!


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