snugs all night

Josh CUDDLED me last night. Oh man….. each evening I make lots of jokes about “lets just go cuddle” or “I cant wait to snuggle with you!” to which he typically responds “dis is da best” in his imitation-of-me-low-grumbly-smooshy-voice-and-face. Usually he’s too warm, can’t fall asleep, feels like he’ll fall into my 25-level side of the bed so we snuggle or spoon for a couple minutes and then roll to our sides and snooze on til a quick morning cuddle. WELL. Last night was different. —and awwwwesome. I woke up numerous times throughout the night and he was not only facing me but lower on the bed and in the middle. Our legs touched and he kept me warm…… I remember multiple times (one was at 4:40) waking up and thanking God for Josh’s warmth, presence and snugs. God has blessed me with a great great man. Joshers usually wakes up earlier than I do and sneaks into his bathroom so quietly. What a sweetheart. I love him so.


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