Monthly Archives: September 2013


I have promised that for every day you live, the strength shall be given you.  Do not fear.

Face each difficulty sure that the wisdom and strength will be given you for it.  Claim it.

Rely on Me to keep My Promise about this.  In My Universe, for every task I give one of My children, there is set aside all that is necessary for its performance.  So why fear?  So why doubt?


perfect Thursday

an evening with NOTHING to do was perfect for what I needed. josh and I ordered Felix and Oscars and made a quick stop at HyVee before going back to his place and loooooounging. Cuddling football pinterest and pizza. HELLO, perfect relaxing night.


I am so thankful for God Callings. each day I am reminded of Gods love and UNENDING presence in my life. This morning, I read about rest and the calm that resting in Gods love provides. There was another post about hiding in that spot and creeping back when we no longer feel safe. Lord God, be with me today and help me feel your presence and safety and rest in your. You provide the calm I will forever need.

fun steak and shopping night

Josh and I had such a fun and RELAXING night last evening!

Hurricane came through so I headed out early and unloaded the dishwasher while I waited for him.
Read a magazine and then started steaks, risotto and corn.
Went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and back to the Tribunal. New rug for his kitchen 🙂 and organizers for the drawers!
Cleaned and vacuumed and painted my nails OXBLOOD! more like purple
watched football and drifted off….

I am so thankful for our similarities and the amazing blessings we receive in love and understanding.

Target trip

I am thankful for calm, grateful moments like my time shopping at Target last night. I need that restorative time to zone out and focus on others. Baby Miller… Josh and my decor… treats for the weekend…. etc


God has directed me, nudged me and I finally felt a definite ‘this isn’t the right fit’ as I was presenting Scheels that this isnt where my talent lies. I get very tongue tied and feel as though my brain turns to OFF. I often feel exhausted afterward and sometimes even feel a migraine before or after. I believe all are things that point to a confident decision not to continue pursuing this. Lord God, guide me as you push me to my calling. I trust you. I turn to you. You will show me the way.

Grandma + family

I am so thankful for family and their closeness… it was wonderful seeing everyone celebrating Grandmas birthday. How blessed we are to have her here still. Her positivity and generous spirit are wonderful reminders of the Love we are called to show one another!

Farmers Market with Josh

I am so thankful for brisk fall mornings (the first cool air we have felt in months!) and farmers markets run with my Joshers…
breakfast burritos
rhubarb pie for our dog sitters (his fam!)
peach pie slab piece
and plenty of smiles and gaggles back and forth.
wooden bowls stand
wooden rolling pin stand
spice mixes
stopped at every little baby stand
kettle corn for our quick trip to MN

I love that Josh and I enjoy many of the same activities… the relaxed pace and wonderful sunny mornings are a beautiful reminder of the pace of life I want to live and the pace I believe God is calling us to live.

sunshine + people

I am thankful for the sunshine that reminds me of Gods blessings that are streaming onto us.

I am thankful for awesome “sister in laws” and an awesome boyfriend who make an evening at the OT so enjoyable and all about GOD. How cool and unbelievably blessed are we that we can discuss the bible, verses, faults, blessings, guidance, etc at a sports bar. So so lucky to have God guide us to one another!

money + job

a DMACC tour just came through and WOW. when seen in a snapshot setting, our job looks amaaazing. And that is because it IS amazing. Thank you, God for the most wonderful job and opportunities and the ability to be surrounded by so many awesome people. I fought for a raise earlier this week and was disappointed to find that it was not the time. God Calling reminded me of the need of money is nothing but in Gods control.

Only seek material gain when that gain will mean a gain for My Kingdom. Get away from money values altogether. Walk with Me. Learn of Me. Talk to Me. Here lies your true happiness. << YES Lord God, true happiness through the Lord my God. Letting go and letting God take over. command my mind, my heart, my behavior!!!