blessed evening

what a BEAUTIFUL evening. Lord God, thank you thank you for blessing JOSH, ME, US with so much love, your presence and YOUR PEACE that is changing our lives as we speak….

Joshers was in a great great mood. It was adorable. sing-songy, flirty- and extra physical. The positive bright tone in his voice as he answered “good!” to how his day went was wonderful to hear! He explained how he is praying more and more ‘thoroughly’ and realizes it can’t be taken too seriously. He visited a clinic that he usually gets to see 1 person, if that. He met a doctor in the hall, Jen inside talked about God’s guidance for her daughter and then a doctor who he never sees brought his computer back to him and they talked about her being a twin. It was a great morning for him. I find it so so attractive to hear his fascination and fear of the Lord. God has blessed me with someone who will only strengthen my relationship with the Lord.

He had finished gluing the tiles and was trying to clean up everything before I got there. i caught him a little early and we chatted while he washed a few and plucked the last few spacers out of the grout lines. Out of the blue, he turned to me and said, “OH! I looved that salad you made last night. Id eat so much of that!” so so sweet. It just donned on him. oh, man, it made my heart soften. He is so sweet and respectful and caring. I had made a tomato + spinach + cucumber + cold pasta salad with evoo, blk pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic, and vinegar. While he showered, I prepped BLTs, peas and made MORE SALAD for him. It was a delicious dinner. He was uber helpful in the kitchen. We are so alike… as we began to sit down, he was still cleaning up the counters and whatever other dishes he could. I commented that we are so alike in that way. Usuing every last second to clean and make sure things are tidy. I pray for God’s patience and appreciation so in 20 years Im still thanking him, understanding him and cherishing that a. we are similar and b. he is so helpful.

After eating and cleaning up, we watched a little Big Brother and went on a short walk. As he packed (he’s headed to Algona tonight and Jill and I arent going until tomorrow afternoon) I got ready for bed and ironed 3 shirts for him. He is very appreciated and I LOVE helping him.. I know he doesn’t totally dig ironing and its the least I can do when Id just sit in bed otherwise. …and without my glasses. im blind!…

What a blessed evening we had. Thank you, Lord God, thank you!! Continue to send down your spirit and command our hearts minds and mouths.


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