quiet peaceful mornings

I have been squeezing 2 minutes out of every minute in the mornings lately and was yearning for a calmer, organized and prayerful  morning. On Sunday night, Josh explained to me that he needed to be at Panera to pick up coffees before 7. That meant a 6am alarm. I was so thankful. We both woke up early… me, a tad later. I cuddled in Joshs warm spot and he squeezed me as was going to get dressed.

The morning was quiet, filled with a good breakfast, proper cleaning aaaand early to work! it was wonderful. I am thankful for a Joshers that is ambitious, so commited to doing the right and good thing, never wastes hours, puts his time in and dresses really well while he is at it!

Listening to God’s word and music totally redirects my day. Josh also inspired this as he has started reading the bible in the mornings and he exclaimed, one day, rather astonished, that “starting the day with the Lord HAS to be why his morning went so well.” Now THAT is attractive. I feel God in the sunshine and ask for Him to command my heart, my words, my heart, my thoughts. I want what He wants! I am so thankful that I can call His forces and His army to fight for me. Thank you, Lord God for blessing me so!

With this inspiration, I’ve gotten up earlier this morning and I was  on time with a quiet morning in a cute outfit. Utitlizing things in my closet that I havent worn in a while! win win win


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