bible + time with Josh

The Lord continually blesses me. I am so thankful. (!!!!)

Last night, after a wonderful night spent with Josh at the Fair (sweet corn corn dog with honey, fried brownie, cheese curds, Fresh cut pork tenderloins, and a cup o’ cookies! Natalie Stovall and The Snacks! Iowa Craft Beer Tent (that has cider!)) we started the walk back to our cars. This fair, we’ve been parking on Lyon and 25th Street. Its a walk but we enjoy the walk. Its the perfect wind-down-stretch-out-walk off time period. Last night delivered an extra twist….

my Love, who I refer to as Biscuit lately (which he detests), told me he started reading the Bible. He was inspired by a couple things:
Glenn Beck recently made a pact with his family that NO electronic games would be played in the house. Instead they play real games and read scripture. The shift has been HUGE for their family.
the many pastors he listens to each day.

Josh reads his devotional every day but he wants more and knows he should be doing more. We have the the opportunity to READ the actual word of God. We must! And to learn the fundamentals of our faith and beliefs that we hold so close to our hearts. We certainly have been taught of these parables and verses so of course we should actually READ them. He was sure thats why “his morning went so well”. oh my goodness I love him. He mentioned that we both help and push one another. He needs to read it before the day squeezes him for other things.

Our Lord, I am AMAZED at the way you call us, pull us to you.k It astounds me. THe beauty of timliness of it all. Josh and I have been praying for improved communication and understanding between the both of us of months(!!!! seriously) and I last night fell like a complete GODWINK and reality flash of God working in our lives. He was calling both of us to a stronger connection/realization and KNOWLEDGE of Him. And through that ONLY will our love and communication improve. Lord God, my God, my Savior, my Peace…. I love you and my hope is through you only.


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