our spouse

I read last night that the reason so many women (and men, alike) grovel and get into or stay in relationship they shouldn’t is because they are trying to MAKE something work. Trying to fit into a mold or get their partners to fit into their ideal mold. God sends us the one we are supposed to be with!

Her words…. so perfectly put….

He chose your spouse for you before you were even born!! He hand-picked that person especially for you, and you especially for him! Is that not the coolest thing?? (I seriously tear up every time I think about that!) That is why I always teach my SS girls they don’t have to go out seeking a spouse. If they stay in His will, He will put that person RIGHT in your path. That’s how so many of us end up with ‘baggage’ and regrets….we try to force our own future rather than trusting God and His perfect timing.


WOW. Thank you, Lord God, for caring for us before we were even born and through a life on earth into eternal life… We owe so much and look to glorify YOU!


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