Monthly Archives: May 2013


a peacefulness and confidence that fills my every nook and cranny… God is here. God is love.



long weekends. an opportunity to spend time with my dad on a quick drive to Minnesota. New babies that reignite our belief in God’s everyday miracles.

God’s supply

cling to the knowledge or God’s pervasive love, hope and everlasting faith! In His time, everything comes together. However, like children, we are able to call on our Father’s love and supply. Be active in faith, active in prayer, call on him. He provides!! and provides beyond our wildest dreams!!

engagement chatter


I feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed with happiness, love, excitement, blessings, anticipation….. wow. Josh and I are talking about our wedding, timing, what we want (intimate family, God, us), living arrangement timing, doing what we need want and what is right, saving money as its not an investment but the beginning of a long life together….. wow…. Thank you Lord God for trusting me with such an amazing man.

friends, family

God continues to bless me with the most special, caring, inspiring, wholesome, balanced, loving people in the world. Lord God, thank you!!!!


today I am thankful for happiness…. contentment… joy…. inspriration… it keeps me thinking and acting positive!

the light

THE LIGHT. the happiness. the thankfulness!


I am so blessed with patient people in my life…. I need to grant patience and positivity to others around me…..

sunshine + love + hope

I feel the Lord God in sunshine and am so thankful I can continuously talk and pray to Him. I get giddy with excitement when I really dive into thinking about what he has planned, requesting things in him who all things are possible, its fascinating… the love and hope he has and gives us is remarkable. 

beautiful nature

Spring is beautiful. Josh’s backyard is sparkling in the sunlight and the green buds, red blossoms and golden light are insanely beautiful. Dreamy… intoxicating… lovely… Lord, our God, thank you for the beautiful nature that surrounds us reminding us of your love, power and goodness!!

Psalm 19:1—”The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”