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Last night was the perfect relaxing night at Joshs….

dinner (he had it all done, on the table, with flowers I arrived), reading in the sunshine on his deck (trees are budding and grass is so green!) and then cuddling and talking on the couch. no tv. no distractions. just us. i love him. Thank you for the incredible man and relationship you’ve trusted me with.


this time

after a goooorgeous weekend (tiling in Grundy Center Saturday and being outside as much as possible Sunday) I strolled upstairs to shower up for a relaxing evening. We had just returned home from Saints with Jill and Jamie, sunkissed and relaxed; I had read on the front porch watching the smudgy iridescent sun disappear behind the houses, and Josh and I both agreed the last 50 minutes had stretched slowly as if it were 3 hours. As I walked past his bedroom, it caught my eye. The soft light, the perfectly smooshed comforter and sheets just where we had left them, the hint of blue peeking through the blinds,….. it was warm, smelled of spring, and  Sunday reeeeeeelaxation blanketed every corner. I am so thankful for this life. this relationship. this friendship. this time. right now. WOW. God is so good.

a baby girl for Nick & Meg

God is so good!! Nick & Meg are blessed with a healthy beautiful cuddly daughter!!

I turn to God…

When I am feeling tense, overloaded, distracted, fearful, anxious, frustrated, sad, lonely, preoccupied….. I turn to God. We are so blessed.


so very thankful and diligent about health……..

praying for Josh’s acid reflux to get under control and heal his ulcers……



what a beautiful, life-changing gift. I am so thankful.


today I am thankful for opportunities. God opens doors especially when aligned with exactly what he wants… what he calls us to do…

the gusto

I am so thankful for the drive the Lord instills inside me….

I organized and budgeted the heck out of Saturday morning
Baked all evening on Saturday and made J a d-free treat and granola
Early to church, family time and more baking
Work feels doable and peaceful with the Lord guiding me.

knowing of God

We as people, as imperfect people, always know here is something more. At no greater time is this true han when something horrifically sad and traumatic happens. Since the Boston bombings, more people have clung to God’s hope and his power of prayer. I am so very thankful to KNOW, believe and LIVE for God and Jesus our Savior. The holy spirit is sent down to us in soooo many ways…. to prove he is here… always……

I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker. -Voltaire

a morning

a sunny morning,
a warm sweet bowl of oats,
chewy salty toast,
a steamy mug of coffee,
and joshers…. I am so blessed.