Monthly Archives: February 2013

a partner

I truly see a partner, a teammate, a friend, a help-mate in Josh. I see a husband. I am so thankful and know God has blessed me with an incredible person in him.

Last night, after he brought up a hurtful comment that left a pang in his heart, I immediately got defensive. After all, I was defending my dad who had made the comment. I felt awful that it made Josh feel sad. My immediate thought was to make him feel better by ‘proving him wrong’ so to speak. Lord, please help me listen better, empathize more, feel and listen. Listen. Apologize. Feel.

“this isn’t about us” “im not mad” “i didnt not want to talk to you the rest of the drive home” … feel.¬†empathize…. apologize.


warm windows

warm windows as this snow and wind could be a harrowing experience. I am so blessed with our great townhouse!!

a safe drive in

today I am so thankful for a safe drive in.

Praying God keeps others safely…..

creative confidence

busy days make the day fly! I am so grateful for the creative juices that God has blessed me with. I am confident in my skills!

errands w J

two years later…. what-could-be-mundane errands…. and the best, most fun, sarcastic, sweet boyfriend… How did I get so lucky??

snow removal a la Joshers

Josh shoveled and cleaned off my car. I am blessed!!

safe car in storm

a warm safe car to transport me in the snowy storm we are expecting. thank you, God for providing! Always. Providing.

a great night + morning!

How blessed am I??

I had a fun, easy and cute night with Josh. Dinner at Bakers Square and watched tv while cuddled on the couch. The warmth and ease put me to sleep…. and I fell asleep shortly when I got home. (I also washed my face with soft cleanser + proactiv + clarisonic and layered on the creamiest face moisturizer. heaven, I tell you!) I was warm and so cozy all night and even woke up early. I drifted in and out of sleepiness til 6:55, read my devotional and was reminded again by the beautiful confidence I get in the Lord. On top of that my eye makeup is perfect today. I love you, smog. Heres to a great great day (already excited to see Josh tonight!!)

good friends

Amy and AJ are engaged and, gosh darnit, I couldnt be more excited for them if I tried!!


a positive attitude. we are dealt the same whether we’re positive or not. so smile! its so much more fun.