Monthly Archives: January 2013

God knows

God knows what I need. I want one thing and he makes me do another. THANK YOU. Staying busy helps my peace of mind so……


no makeup days

Today I am thankful for snow days. and no-makeup days! woo!!! my hair, eyes (specked w glasses) and face are rejoicing this morning! no washing, tugging and tightening.

warm bed

today I am thankful for a warm bed on a sick, grey day.

knowing God

today I am thankful for KNOWING GOD. I keep praying, keep listening, keep (patiently waiting), I need to focus on him because I know the thoughts Im having now aren’t what he wants. HOw blessed am I to know God is here…. God is listening… God is waiting for me too…

safe home

today I am thankful for a safe safe home.

dreams often contrast my life with a scary, rare event. i am thankful to wake up in a warm, cozy, safe home.

the peace of God guards my heart!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 9.26.44 AM

from Sarah at Peas and Thank you.

This is what I strive to be like… gentle and joyful. He guards my heart!

knowing God

today…and so many days…. I am so thankful to know God. to believe in his promise. to not worry because he has a plan. He had a plan before I was here! because if I trust in him, I have everlasting love. No worrying! Worrying is to show distrust. I trust in God. I will wait to hear and feel the nudge.


today I am thankful for cooking.

I am struggling lately with a lack of drive. at work. nothing. at home. just want to sleep. I dont get it. Is it the weather? the lack of sunshine? Im ready for walks at greys, windows open, clean spring air and a clean home. Im ready for much much more. My heart is yearning for more. For now, until this time passes and God unveils the next phase, I am thankful for the things that are familiarly me. Cooking. Saving money with nutritious lunches.. I am so thankful.

rolling over..

i thanked God countless times for the gift of rolling over by Joshers yesterday morning. Nothing better than a surprise sleepover and sleepin. it was a fun relaxing day…. I love him.

little date nights

little date nights. especially on a Friday! onion rings + pepperoni rolls + salads PLUS JOSH. such a great night.